Thursday, January 24, 2008

Amoeba Art SHow


I have a piece in the Amoeba Art show this Friday. I've been doing signs, graphics for Amoeba
for 10 years now. It started with hand painted/ hand cut signs now I print them digitally for Amoeba. I also currently started printing some t-shirt projects for them. I started doing signs
for Tower back in the Golden Age. With a few months of High School left this was the perfect job back then. I Got to use paint brushes, airbrush, exacto knives, etc. and endless amounts of Golden Acrylics I ever needed and !! Cranking out signs 40 hours a week at Tower was not bad at all........
Then I ended up doing signs for Rasputin in Berkeley and now Amoeba.
Don't get me wrong I still like doing signs digitally, it's just faster now.

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