Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Art Piece

Here is that etching I had in the Amoeba Art Show. Which I ended up selling !!!
An artist proof from the series called Black Clouds. This etching is done in the Faux Mezzotint technique.
Which basically starts off as a black plate, after dusting rosin an fusing it in acid.
Then you would burnish out all your light tones. With very little line work. At times i not only used a burnisher, but coarse sandpaper as well. Printed with bone black on Rives BFK (100% cotton rag. I hinged the art piece with rice paper, framed and matted the picture myself. The frame I found on 8th Ave.

The perfect technique for what I was trying to achieve.
A dark and cloudy polluted landscape.
Inspired by German Expressionist work 1880-1933.
So in this piece i was going for that aesthetic: Dark gloomy impressions, but soft and subtle at times.

Printmaking is definitely one of my favorite medium in the arts, not only do you have to draw the image, but you have to craft and put some serious time and work into your plate. In this case it takes quite some time to complete.
With this process it can be very expressive. Maybe later I will incorporate some screen printing as well.


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chia said...

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